Factions 2.13.6

Plugin privado. Minecraft plugin Factions, version 2.13.6 by ViniOtaku is listed in Bukkit / Spigot Plugins. Plugin information and download Factions 2.13.6

Plugin information

Version: 2.13.6

Description: Plugin privado.

Author(s): ViniOtaku

Dependencies: MassiveCore

Optional dependencies: PermissionsEx, Permissions, Essentials, EssentialsChat, HeroChat, iChat, LocalAreaChat, LWC, nChat, ChatManager, AuthMe, Vault, Spout, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, AuthDB, CaptureThePoints, CombatTag

Main class: com.massivecraft.factions.Factions

Factions permissions

Permissions for Factions specified in plugin file, it' possible the plugin has additional undocumented permissions and bypasses for operators.

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