NoAfkFishingPlugin 1.0.0b

Minecraft plugin NoAfkFishingPlugin, version 1.0.0b is listed in Bukkit / Spigot Plugins. Plugin information and download NoAfkFishingPlugin 1.0.0b

Plugin information

Version: 1.0.0b

Main class: io.github.kuohsuanlo.noafkfishing.NoAfkFishingPlugin

NoAfkFishingPlugin commands

List of NoAfkFishingPlugin commands specified in plugin file, NoAfkFishingPlugin can have additional commands that are registered on fly or after enabling certain features.


NoAfkFishingPlugin permissions

Permissions for NoAfkFishingPlugin specified in plugin file, it' possible the plugin has additional undocumented permissions and bypasses for operators.

            player with his node will always pass the checks.