ProRPGItems 1.0.6-R0.7-SNAPSHOT

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Description: The most advanced, customizable and configurable RPG-Core plugin!
Author(s): Travja, goflish
Plugin is after: Magic, ProSkillAPI
API Version: 1.14
Dependencies: ProMCCore
Optional dependencies: Citizens, HolographicDisplays, LorinthsRpgMobs, MangoQuest, mcMMO, MythicMobs, PlaceholderAPI, PwingRaces, QuestCreator, RacesOfThana, SkillAPI, ProSkillAPI, SkillsPro, Vault, WorldGuard, Mimic
Main class: su.nightexpress.quantumrpg.QuantumRPG
Version: 1.0.6-R0.7-SNAPSHOT

ProRPGItems 1.0.6-R0.7-SNAPSHOT permissions

Permissions for ProRPGItems 1.0.6-R0.7-SNAPSHOT specified in plugin file, it's possible the plugin has additional undocumented permissions and bypasses for operators.

            Full access
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